Protect your Private Labels with Bindwise

Private Label Sellers are increasingly popular on Amazon and many are there to generate extra cash to support their lifestyle. And with this rise so is the number of sellers who hijack listings. This could potentially threaten your nicely formed Private Label business.

It may be wise to look at tools out there which will help you keep alert if anyone jumps on your listings. You can then file an infringement case with Amazon. Bindwise is one of them. Additionally, it also alerts you if you are violating any Amazon policies and it is  very useful precautionary measure to avoid being suspended.

Similarly, there are other uses of Bindwise – getting alerts when your listings are suppressed, when there is change on listings content and when you lose your buy box. Once you set up an alert with Bindwise, you will be automatically notified. I can see, Bindwise fills the gap in getting information about your Amazon account and it worth looking into it. Below is a sample alert when your listing is hijacked: