Manchester Online Seller Meetup with Circlehoop

We have had a very successful Manchester Online Seller Meetup this week. The meetup was sponsored by Circlehoop. With Circlehoop your phone numbers are no longer locked to a specific sim card or handset, so you can make and receive calls on any of your phone numbers, all from one device.

This evening event kicked off with Prabhat, founder at Online Seller UK, talking about avoiding Amazon suspensions. We have generally found Amazon suspension is due to incorrect id, high order defect and having multiple Amazon accounts. We do our best to avoid suspensions but if it does happen then it is best to take these set actions:

– Identify the exact reason for the suspension.

– Take complete responsibility for the problem, and acknowledge the harm done to the Amazon customer.

– Create an action plan to ensure that the things causing the suspension will not happen again.

– Identify that, if given the opportunity, you will continue to provide excellent service to the customers of Amazon.

Your appeal can take 24 hours or more to get response.

Prabhat then gave a good insight on comparative analysis of Google Shopping and Google text ads for eCommerce businesses. Here are few key things mentioned in his talk:

– Google Shopping gets higher click through rate than text ads

– Google Shopping costs less than text ads

– Google Shopping conversion rate is higher than text ads

You can find out more on this slide deck

The evening went on with Matt from Circlehoop talking about protecting privacy online. Circlehoop provides free 03 numbers to online sellers. This is really handy to display on your Amazon or eBay profile. Please find out more on Matt’s  slide deck

The event was packed with expert talks back to back. Another talk was from Darren at Digitl who talked about a successful case study for a manufacturer. Finally, we had James from Parcel Station talking about taking your eCommerce business cross border. In his talk, James highlighted that international trading boosts sales by 15% and UK businesses are ready to go cross border. Find out more on this  slide deck

It was a great evening with 30+ businesses in attendance and lots to learn from the expert talks. We are passionate about meetups and we have doing it for some time and now in 8 different cities in the UK. Apart from meetups we organise eCommerce & Digital Marketing training courses. Please find out more following the link below:



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