AmafestUK 2022 | Brighton | Unybrands Sponsor Interview

Our Brighton AmafestUK 2022 wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors.

We interviewed our sponsors to tell us a bit more about their company, and here’s Unybrands interview: 

1. What is your company, and what do you do?

unybrands is on a mission to shape the next generation of e-commerce as one of the leading strategic buyers of e-commerce brands. We do this by buying, building, and scaling brands operating on and off Amazon: With us, companies reach new heights—and stay at the very top of their game. Our deep experience in online retail, consumer goods, and M&A enables us to do so—it has also led renowned growth and VC investors and European family offices to back us.

2. How does your company help Amazon sellers?

At unybrands, we pride ourselves on being a resource for Amazon sellers, regardless of what stage of the exit process they’re at. Whether you are a veteran ready to sell your Amazon FBA business, or if you are just looking for more insight and advice on the industry for your young brand, Unybrands is here to help walk you through the acquisition process; what strategic buyers like us look for, and how to best position your business for success. We provide resources on our websites such as blogs and white papers, attend countless conferences to connect with Amazon sellers around the world and provide an inside look into the minds of aggregators through various podcasts and webinars.

Since day 1, unybrands has operated across both sides of the Atlantic, uniquely positioning us to understand global brands’ needs and bring the ability to scale businesses globally.
We understand the Amazon space can be busy and confusing, but through our expert team, we are confident in our ability to provide valuable feedback and helpful content pieces and create meaningful relationships with Amazon sellers.

3. Why does your company sponsor AmafestUK?

We find it extremely important to have a presence at as many valuable events as possible. We can make genuine connections with Amazon sellers, partners, and brokers with more intimate events. We strongly understand the importance of relationship building across the continent and globe to be there and learn from Amazon sellers. Now, AmafestUK is an excellent opportunity to continue growing these relationships.

4. Are there any latest Amazon trends you would like to discuss?

– The recent wave of Amazon FBA aggregators receiving funding and what to do when you get approached with an offer to sell your brand.
– Brand management strategies and how to stand out from the crowd
– Supply chain issues and how to find a way around rising COGS

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