AmafestUK 2023 | Brighton | AMS Pilot Sponsor Interview

Our Brighton AmafestUK 2023 wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors.

To gain some insights into their companies, we sat down for interviews with our sponsors. Here’s a snippet from Bohdan’s interview:

1. What is your company, and what do you do?

AMS Pilot is a digital marketing agency specializing in PL brands and published authors on Amazon. We offer a comprehensive data-driven approach to enhance net profit, our primary KPI. Our team’s firsthand understanding of the process, stemming from their roles as sellers themselves, ensures effective strategies.

In 2022, we achieved an impressive 127% profit increase across all clients. Our determination remains strong to surpass this benchmark in 2023. We drive business growth through proficient PPC advertising management, which significantly impacts product and brand establishment in a competitive market.

Our services encompass:

  • Pre-launch market and niche analysis on Amazon.
  • In-depth audit services.
  • Tailored growth strategies for 3/6/12 months to establish brands.
  • Expertise in PPC advertising management.

2. How does your company help Amazon sellers?

The mission of AMS Pilot is to become a dependable partner for reputable brands, aiding them in scaling their value and achieving exceptional results without making unrealistic promises.

Our determination to fulfill our customers’ ambitious objectives is supported by the following methods and principles that guide our efforts to achieve primary results:

Enhance profitability: We meticulously consider all factors and devise a strategy spanning 3/6/12 months to guarantee the triumph of products and brands in the market, all while avoiding false expectations regarding the outcomes of launching your business on Amazon.

Foster organic growth: We utilize proceeds from PPC ads to elevate organic positions. Our budget allocation is strategic, ensuring efficient spending that maximizes returns on ad investments.

Cultivate win-win partnerships: We conduct audits of functional products to uncover opportunities for sales and profit growth, while also identifying errors and rectifying them through ads management.

Data-driven approach: We operate based on your account’s current data and augment it with insights from various third-party tools. We optimize your existing campaign structures and introduce new ones to shape ACOS, heighten CvR, and drive more sales.

3. Why does your company sponsor AmafestUK?

AMS Pilot is honored to sponsor AmafestUK because it perfectly aligns with our mission and expertise. We specialize in aiding Amazon sellers and published authors in conducting efficient businesses, and we deeply understand the significance of knowledge-sharing within the industry.

Our objective is to contribute to the expansion and triumph of Amazon sellers by providing them with invaluable insights, strategies, and solutions that can directly influence their sales and profitability.

Moreover, we are strong proponents of nurturing a community that fosters networking and innovation. With this aim in mind, we are committed to helping businesses grow and sharing our comprehensive 8 years of expertise. We have a wealth of enlightening case studies from our work that we are eager to share with the audience.

We extend an invitation to all those interested in discovering new growth opportunities for their businesses, assuring you that there will be an abundance of insights and valuable recommendations awaiting you.

4. Are there any latest Amazon trends you want to discuss?

Our presentation will focus on optimizing the efficiency of working with seasonal products. We will delve into innovative strategies for seasonally preparing your listings, enabling you to secure prominent positions and generate substantial revenue through cost-effective traffic. We will unveil effective tactics to enhance your rankings during the season, potentially tripling your profits by leveraging organic positions.

Recognizing the challenges that many sellers face when it comes to managing seasonal products and allocating budgets for peak periods, we are here to provide valuable assistance.

Ready to elevate your Amazon business to new heights?

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