Amazon Masterclass Training course in London and throughout the UK

E-commerce is constantly evolving, especially as Amazon sets winning customer expectations, with almost 90% of UK shoppers using Amazon. One of Amazon’s unique selling points is there speedy free delivery for Prime customers, and any brands or retailers not taking advantage of the Amazon platform will be losing a good % of sales.

Amazon Masterclass Training Course London, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield - Online Seller UK Prabhat Shah

A few years ago, there was less competition on Amazon, and just simply listing on Amazon was enough. But as the platform has grown and more and more brands, retailers, wholesalers and private label sellers have joined it is difficult to succeed without having a proper strategy in place. Which is where our training courses can help.

We are one of the very few training organisations delivering Amazon-related courses since 2015. Our Amazon Masterclass courses are practical and aim at helping you to improve performance and expand globally. These are delivered in a small group of up to 8 attendees and are tailored to suit your business needs, which gives us the chance to discuss your product and category.  

Some of the areas we cover during our course are: 

  • Product Listing Optimisation 
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) 
  • Winning over the competition 
  • Merchandising 
  • Advertising
  • Cross-Border Growth
  • Building your brand with Amazon 
  • Reporting / Analytics

Just a few of the fantastic organisations who have attended our previous training.


This masterclass is aimed at experienced Amazon sellers and we have had great feedback from our past attendees. 

Absolutely worth it, I came to the training with very confused, fuzzy notions on Amazon and left feeling like I actually understand it now.  Prabhat gave very useful, real-life examples that made it very easy to follow the concepts and apply them to our specific case. Absolutely recommended.  Gaia,

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