Amazon Seller Central Training in Manchester

Amazon has created huge opportunities for manufacturers by removing the need for distribution costs and allowing them to reach customers directly. This allows manufacturers to give better value to customers and helps to maintain the integrity of brands. 

Many manufacturers have taken advantage of Amazon’s platform, either using the invite-only Vendor program or Seller Central.

Certain manufacturers may steer straight towards the Vendor Central route, as often this can seem easiest. However, many don’t and the main reasons for this are:

  1. Higher margin cut 
  2. Risk of price control
  3. Inability to agree on future cost changes 

And, those who choose Seller Central over Vendor may either outsource fulfilment or carry on Amazon FBA, rather than building their own fulfilment operation.

This just shows that when choosing the right platform there are many things to consider, which is where our Amazon Professional Training derived from.

We recently delivered our Amazon Professional Training in Manchester aiming to help new sellers understand how to better use the platform. It was a group of 4 attendees and the key points discussed were:

  • Amazon Product Research 
  • Product Listing Best Practices
  • Product Launch Steps
  • Understanding Amazon Business Reports
  • Amazon FBA Costs 
  • Getting the best out of Amazon Advertising
  • Selling Internationally   

Just a few of the fantastic organisations who’ve attended our previous training.



| Laura, Ledhut

Prabhat is incredibly knowledgeable about Amazon, outlining key areas such as sponsored listings, search terms, Pan-European strategies and best practices.

The class size too was great: only 5 on my particular day which gave us the chance to ask questions and look at all our live feeds. Going forward, the information provided will no doubt enable us to grow our marketplaces in the UK and beyond. I will certainly be returning for future events.

So, if you are looking to better understand how Amazon works and improve your Amazon performance, check out our next training session in Manchester.