Episode #019 An Introduction To Amazon DSP (Amazon Advertising)

Amazon’s DSP advertising allows sellers to advertise efficiently on Amazon sites, across the web and in mobile apps.  Advertisers can buy display ads both banners and video ads on Amazon and other sites owned by or partnered with Amazon.  In this video, Matt Anderson, Founder of Marketplace Amp, talks about how Amazon DSP works. Amazon DSP

Episode #017 An introduction to Tech Packs with Belinda Jacobs

For any clothing manufacturer tech packs are an essential part of the process. It is basically a blueprint that contains all components and instructions required to turn a design into a finished product. It includes materials, gradings, seams, colourways, measurements, trim, labels etc. In this recording,  Belinda Jacobs, Technical Designer & Owner of Techpacks.Co explains

Episode #018 An introduction to Khaos Control

If you are trading in multiple channels as the business grows over the years, you would have faced the challenge of managing your inventory and business processes. In order to streamline your business, multichannel solutions like Khaos Control play a significant role. It allows you to control your multi-channel business and helps you make the

Episode #016 The basics of Sourcing your products from China

Sourcing from China is becoming the norm for a lot of businesses and this has allowed China to be the world’s manufacturing hub.  With so much dependence we have all felt the effect in the supply chain due to COVID-19 spreading rapidly in China. In this podcast, Huw Johnson ( Far East Sourcing Expert at

Episode #015 Amazon FBA Alternative – Bezos.ai

The Coronavirus is spreading around the globe at a rapid pace and life as we know it is coming to a halt. With people self-quarantining, staying at home, and generally avoiding the public, e-commerce is experiencing an unprecedented increase in demand. Putting high pressure on global and local supply chains that are not able to