Selling Private Products on Amazon USA | Episode #63 Online Seller UK Podcast with Pradeep from Donsfield

       In this podcast, Dr Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan shares his experience of selling on Amazon USA. Listen to this podcast about and find out about: – Logistics & Sourcing – Profitability – Insurance We will be continuing our Online Seller UK podcast via our YouTube Channel. Stay tuned! And you can find us on  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Also

How to profitably manage Amazon 1P Vendor price | Episode #62 Online Seller UK Podcast with Martin Heube

     Amazon Vendor central is a very powerful sales channel for the brands. However, it is always a challenge to stay profitable. We are seeing the cost of managing vendor account increase from all directions – vendor fees, marketing cost and the competition. In this podcast, Martin Heube explains how to stay profitable with 1

MarketplaceRoundup Podcast Episode #61 with Destaney Wishon from Better AMS

     Amazon Advertising has changed a lot in 2021 to benefit advertisers. We see more target types, more customisation and more data. Listen to this podcast by Amazon advertising expert Destany Wishon from Better AMS. We talked about: – Amazon Advertising data for strategic decisions – How Amazon is helping to tell your brand story

Marketplace RoundUp Podcast Episode #60 with Tyler Jefcoat from

       Amazon has grown rapidly through the pandemic, and so is the e-commerce aggregators, leading to new emerging Mergers and acquisitions. We see Amazon Aggregators becoming a group of brands like Unilever and Reckitt. In this podcast, Tyler, the founder of, talks about the three leading companies, Aterian, Maersk, and how private