Episode #027 Gearing up for global growth – Selling on Amazon Canada

Amazon Canada is a growing marketplace and it is now the top online shopping platform for consumers in Canada. If you are already selling on Amazon US, it is fairly straightforward to expand your presence on Amazon.ca via building international tools like in Europe.   In this episode, I spoke with Blair Forrest, Amazon brand consultant

Episode #026 Gearing up for global growth – Selling to the US on Amazon.com

Amazon.com is the world’s biggest Amazon marketplace, and it currently has around 44% of the U.S. e-commerce market share. Amazon’s loyalty weapon, Prime, plays a significant role and as of December 2019, there were an estimated 112 million U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers. The research found that those Prime Members spend 1,400 U.S. dollars on the

Episode #025 Advantages of Amazon Bid Optimization Tools

Amazon advertising is playing a significant role to generate additional growth and so much so that if you don’t advertise it will be very difficult to appear on the above fold of the search result.  Find out more about →  Sellics  Once the ads are delivering results for a few weeks it is generally a

Episode #24 Find out more about Sellerboard – Amazon Profit Analytics Tools

We may be very successful selling on Amazon but do you really know the cash we are actually taking away. This is where sellerboard can play a significant role, it gives you the exact costs incurred including –    — Amazon fees (FBA fees, storage fees, FBA inbound fees, MF shipping costs, disposal/removal costs, subscription

Episode #022 Amazon Advertising Campaign Structure – get the basics right

  Amazon advertising campaign structure includes Portfolios, Campaigns and Ad Groups. We have to decide which products and keywords to add to each group and structure campaign so we can analyse the result better. We may go and start our ads campaigns without thinking about the strong relationship between campaign result and structure. This episode