China Sourcing and FBA Prep Service

We have partnered with a very experienced sourcing service provider, FBA sourcing China, and aim to help you to source the right supplier and continue the service all the way through from managing customs clearance to the logistics required to get your products to your door. We help businesses in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada, where the majority of our clients are located. We manage customs clearance and logistics on both ends, in China, and your destination country, product inspection and FBA preparation.

Yoav Shachak is your first point of contact to get you started with an initial consultation.  It’s free to book an initial 30 minutes consultation and we aim to give you advice on any issues related to your imports from China such as sourcing, risk management, quality control, supply chain and payments. We will answer all your questions with regards to –

– Issues with Suppliers

– Quality Control Processes

– Managing your Import Risks

– Reducing your overall import costs

– Clauses to include in your contracts with your suppliers

– Ensuring effective inspections

– Compliance procedure

To book a consultation with our sourcing partner, simply fill in few details below and we will schedule a call.

Our Services:

We will help you with all that’s required to get products to your warehouse You can pick and choose exactly what you want us to help you with. For example:

  1. Help you set up secure escrow service for Payment: We will help you take control of payment ensuring payment goes through only when the products are delivered into the UK.
  2. Manage currency risk: We will advise with the appropriate payment mechanism to avoid wastage in currency exchange.
  3. Shipping your stock to your warehouse: We will take care of logistics in China and here in the UK (or your chosen country) and deliver goods to your door.
  4. Customs/Duty Clearance: We will take care of your customs clearance and ensure that you are paying for the right import duties for your imports.
  5. Warehousing, Product Inspection and FBA preparation service: We provide a bespoke service in warehousing, inspection and Amazon FBA preparation.

Here’s what’s involved in our sourcing work in China:

  • Pre-production Inspection (PPI):
    This inspection work is done before we place an order. We look into the factory and check their certificates and scan their annual report and employees. We also make sure that they can deliver products within the given time frame. We explain the details of your requirements and sign contracts in your favour. We then send you a detailed report and after your approval we give the instruction to start production.
  • During Production Inspection (DPI):
    We visit the factory during production and make sure that everything is going exactly as per agreement
    and the product is coming back exactly as described. A report will be sent to you with full details.
  • Final Production Inspection (FPI):
    Once production is finished we will visit the factory and test the quantity. We will then send you a report
    of the final goods quality and bring it to our warehouse.
  • Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI):
    Before we ship the goods we will recheck the products for a final time and send you the final report. Once you approve it we will then arrange shipment.

Why Us?

  • We deal with non-food items in various categories including Giftware, Clothing, Health & Beauty and many more.
  • We have a partner based in mainland China which makes us more effective in finding the right supplier/manufacturer for you.
  • Each project is handled by our experienced UK based partners with experience in importing/exporting on a daily basis
  • We are a UK based company and you can get in touch via phone anytime via telephone email or What’s app
  • We are very flexible with Minimum Order Value or Quantity (MOQ) and we would like to discuss this on a case by case basis.
  • We charge 4 – 6% depending on the level of service you need on the first and ongoing invoices.


“My experience in sourcing through Online Seller UK is very positive. The team is very keen and quick to respond to messages, and very eager to develop business opportunities with us. I have found them very approachable and make themselves available 24 hours a day, Further, the product sourced for us is very good quality and the rate is very good.”

Juan Bravo, Director

Bravo Ltd.


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