Craig, Koganpage

Prabhat was instantly welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable. He tailored our session together to help with what I wanted to learn. He’s given me a perfect foundation to try new things I hadn’t thought about and the confidence to do so. Absolutely worthwhile!

Andy, Ducks Back

Prabhat was a very personable and friendly trainer who was able to tailor the session to the individual’s level of understanding. Not only was he able to pass on useful knowledge and techniques, but he also provided guidance and strategy specific to our business going forward. Extremely worthwhile and very good value for money, we

Sandra, Hygan

I can confidently say that Prabhat’s remote consultation on how to sell on Amazon was an incredibly valuable experience. His deep understanding of the platform and his effective teaching style provided me with actionable insights I can implement to improve my company’s Amazon business. I feel equipped with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the

Frankie Allen, Marshallsgarden

I did the online Amazon Masterclass Training Course with Prabhat, he has great knowledge of Amazon and tailored the course to my needs. He was clear and easy to follow and advised me on new ways to grow my sales. I would definitely recommend this course!

Aleksander Westby, Tepe

Very informative walk-through on the Amazon business and we found Prabhat very knowledgeable on all topics and questions we had.

David Dinsmore, The Good Marketer

Thank you, Prabhat for the Amazon PPC course training. The course covered a wide range of topics including key strategies that help improve performance. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking to get started or who would like to further their knowledge!