Rachel Wedley

Prabhat has an incredible insight into Amazon, he shows both positives and negatives of Amazon and isn’t biased toward being a seller or vendor. He’s helped to build my knowledge on Amazon Advertising and also the SEO aspect of Amazon and how important it is that both of these are working in unison. Great course

Aleksander Westby

Very informative walk-through on the Amazon business and we found Prabhat very knowledgeable on all topics and questions we had.

David Dinsmore

Thank you, Prabhat for the Amazon PPC course training. The course covered a wide range of topics including key strategies that help improve performance. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking to get started or who would like to further their knowledge!


We have found Prabhat a very good partner in executing our selling strategy on Amazon. Apart from his profound knowledge in Amazon, Prabhat has been very helpful and always gets work done reliably. He is a very pleasant person to work with too.

Chris Brett

Chris Brett

Great training course for both beginners and frequent users. I myself have been selling on Amazon as a professional seller for over 2 and a half years and I came away with some good points from the session so if any new sellers are on the fence I would 100% recommend this as it will