Alex Goodacre

Alex Goodacre

With an eBay feedback score of over 30,000 and 70,000+ sales of cosmetics on eBay and Amazon under his belt, Alex has plenty of experience selling on the market places.  By sourcing wholesale cosmetics from all over Europe and with many new products in the pipeline business is booming.

Managing over 200 orders a day with increasing stock and increasingly demanding customers presents very unique problems and headaches! Therefore implementation of extra software solutions soon become essential. The company uses the ecommerce platform Magento along with an extension called m2e pro which integrates eBay and Amazon. This has allowed ‘Altered States Trading’ to become a streamlined operation that at peak times has processed over 500 orders in a day with ease.

Along with managing and increasing sales Alex is looking to start consultancy to advise and help others do the same.

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