A completely open source ecommerce platform

Open Source eCommerce

I have just found out about Reaction Commerce which is an open source ecommerce platform for small-to-medium-size businesses. Here’s what in their blog

We’re excited to announce that our production-ready Beta release is coming in September. To those who participated in our Alpha release, thank you! The feedback and contributions we received have been invaluable.

  • A total of 8,499 Alpha shops were created.
  • 25 packages have been published on Atmosphere.js.
  • Our main GitHub repo hit 1,042 stars!

As we prepare to launch our production-ready Beta, we are now archiving all Alpha shops. While you can no longer access your shops or launch new shops on reactioncommerce.com, you can always create new shops and access the latest versions of Reaction via GitHub.

Checkout their demo site here  http://demo.reactioncommerce.com/