Amazon Advertising Sales Growth

Recent research suggests 1 in 3 marketers are shifting ad spend from Facebook and Google to Amazon, due to the higher return on investment. But there can be a lot of challenges to face when operating by both Seller Central and Vendor Central. Our management service is here to help give you better results in a limited span of time.  

Our service has been developed with 10 years of Amazon experience. We have worked with both the UK and international sellers and have provided training to brands and agencies. We are probably one of the few companies in the UK providing training courses in Amazon Advertising and SEO. 

So, how does this work? 

There are 5 essential areas to consider when building a strong Amazon presence. Our growth management team works in all 5 areas to create progressive account growth. 

1. Content Optimisation  – helps to improve organic rankings & generates long term growth

2. Paid Advertising – helps to accelerate initial sales growth and incremental sales 

3. Brand development – helps to build trust and improves conversion 

4. Account Health – ensures your account is meeting customer needs

5. Cross Border Trade – accelerates sales into different marketplaces with existing stock.

With our standalone advertising services, we focus on developing profitable campaigns whilst the client manages other areas of Amazon.

(Please find out more about our full Amazon Growth management service

Which Amazon Marketplace do you support? 

Our paid advertising service covers North America, All European and the Australian Marketplace. This includes non-English markets. We are currently managing multiple marketplaces for some of our clients simultaneously.

Are there other services you provide can help my business grow? 

Our account management clients can take advantage of our additional advertising services aimed at driving Amazon sales even further.  With our off-Amazon advertising add-on, our team will drive social ads (Facebook, Instagram) and PPC (Google) traffic to your Amazon listings and storefront.

Why should I partner with Online Seller UK?

Over the years, we have worked across a range of different marketplaces and brands, on both Seller Central and Vendor Central. Here are just some of the businesses we have worked with:

“Prabhat has taken our Amazon account and brought it up to the level of sales we receive from Google Shopping. Initially, we were not sure what to do with it. With help and guidance, it is now functioning brilliantly. It looks like it is going to improve a great deal even from where it is now.” – Graeme, Floorseal

Case Studies:

DIY Category – 1200% increase in sales in the first month 

Work Safety Equipment – 350% increase in advertising sales

Home & Kitchen230% increase in advertising sales YOY

When is it right time to get us onboard?

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple categories. Over the past few years, we have helped 100s of businesses through our consultancy services. So, whether you are a new business or an established seller with millions in revenue, we will help you move forward with your sales growth. 

In the past, we have worked with sellers using the hybrid method. We have also worked with some sellers for just a few months, offering a hand to hold until their team is fully capable of taking it forward. Now, that’s a very unique proposition!

What is the cost?

Every project is different and requires different strategies and time involvement. We will discuss your account requirements and present you with fixed costs to manage the account growth. 

We will create an advertising sales growth plan when we reach an agreement.