#AmafestUK – A quick chat with our Sponsors

#AmafestUK is a full-day conference for Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central Users. We are returning the second time this year on the 17th October,  with 10+ world-class Amazon experts from the UK and across Europe. Tickets are selling fast, so if you have not yet booked yours get it now to avoid missing out.  

When: 17th October 2019 

Time: 0930 – 1700 

Where: UKFast Campus, Birley Fields, Manchester, M15 5QJ

#AmafestUK is only possible with the support of sponsors like Payoneer, Khaos Control, CaribouAvasam,ShipStation.  We recently had a chat with them about their involvement with Amafest, the services they provide and what they expect on the day. 


Why do you think Sellers should attend #AmafestUK 2019?

Being around other sellers especially Amazon sellers is a great way to network and gather knowledge. There are many parts to being a successful Amazon seller, some information is available online, and other things are only learned through experience. 

Putting together many people with different experiences in the same room with a few relevant Marketplace specific provider is a recipe for success and one we are keen to be a part of.

Can you tell us a bit more about you and how you help Amazon Sellers? 

Payoneer are the world’s largest Marketplace, the specific payment provider. We help thousands of sellers receive their disbursements from Amazon in multiple currencies locally, so they can bring the funds back home at a less expensive rate. 

We are a major partner of Amazon, helping them make their payments to sellers globally. In Europe, they refer customers directly to us who are looking at expanding globally. 

Finally, we also offer a number of other solutions including Working capital, paying VAT for free and US sales tax too.

What is your favourite topic for the Conference and why?

All of them, because they are all so relevant!

Why did you choose to be apart of #AmafestUK?

We are here to listen to online sellers, find out what they need to succeed in the Marketplace and provide solutions. This is one of the biggest Amazon based events in the UK, so we had to be here.

Why do you feel online marketplaces like Amazon are important drivers for e-Commerce? 

Buying and selling is all about trust. Amazon has earned the trust of the buyer over many years, and it continues to be the leader in this sector. 

Online marketplaces assist sellers by helping to remove many of the boundaries they would ordinarily face when trying to sell very different products, and / or across multiple continents. They make anyone with internet access a potential customer, something unheard of a few decades ago.

You have helped 1000s of Amazon sellers especially going cross border, what are the 3 key things any retailer should consider? 

  1. Local laws, it is vital to stay on the right side of the law or risk serious damage to your business
  2. Fulfilment – make sure you have a reliable set-up in place to ensure on-time delivery of your items, and processing of returned items
  3. Using Payoneer as their payment provider! If you have just started selling on Amazon Australia for instance, Payoneer will be the cheapest way to bring your funds back home

What are the key challenges of Global Selling with Amazon?

I think this differs from retailer to retailer, depending on quite a few factors. Fulfilment/logistics will always be a major challenge when you talk about selling globally, as will correct translations or products and keywords.

If you can engage with your Amazon account manager regularly, they are always on hand to steer you in the right direction.   

How Amazon Currency Converter Works and why should retailer plan this in advance?

Amazon Currency Converter or ACC as it is commonly called is Amazon’s FX tool. When you receive funds in a foreign currency, ACC will change it to your home currency automatically for a percentage fee of around 4%. 

Having a fixed FX rate can help you manage your finances better.


Why do you think Sellers should attend #AmafestUK 2019?

An event that specialists in growing within one of the worlds largest eCommerce platforms make absolute sense for anyone who takes online selling seriously. Amazon is a complex platform with many options that can be overwhelming, this is why an event like Amafest exist – to help connect industry experts with end-users.

Can you tell us a bit more about you and how you help Amazon Sellers? 

Khaos Control offers a number of solutions to help businesses connect all of their selling channels together from one place to help manage stock, orders customer and accounts. As a business management solution, our aim is to increase automation and efficiency to inspire business growth.

What is your favourite topic for the Conference and why?

Amazon Advertising Strategy from Phase 1 to Phase 2 – I am looking forward to hearing from Mark Pettit on this. As an Amazon seller, advertising will be a must to get your product into key search areas, but it’s not as simple as other platforms, such as eBay’s promoted listings. It was very easy to spend a lot of money with no reward so Mark’s take on this will be interesting.

Why do you feel online marketplaces like Amazon are important drivers for e-Commerce? 

In the US alone last year, Amazon attracted 206 Million unique visitors each month. Their Net sales totalled 232 Bn USD. In total, they had a market share of over 43% of all eCommerce transactions in 2018. The facts speak louder than anything I can contribute here.

Why did you choose to be apart of #AmafestUK?

We work with many amazon sellers and have done since we were founded in 2000. It seems our product is particularly relevant to all eCommerce sellers, not least those with a presence on Amazon.

Feel free to come see us at AmafestUK in October, or email me on oburley@khaoscontrol.com if you would like a chat.


Why do you think Sellers should attend #AmafestUK 2019?

Quarter four is the biggest selling period of the year, and attending Amafest means that they can make contacts and gain knowledge that will help them to build on their success selling on Amazon. The talks are all set to be fantastic, and as eCommerce never stands still, I recommend sellers of all levels of experience attend.

Can you tell us a bit more about you and how you help Amazon Sellers?

“Avasam is a fully automated DropShipping platform facilitating effective and efficient B2B business, allowing sellers and suppliers to maximise sales to end customers.

Traditional DropShipping arrangements presented challenges for both suppliers and sellers. Issues typically included finding reliable partners (particularly with overseas suppliers), and problems with disjointed and resource-intensive processes, with complicated manual file exchanges and different payment methods required.

We developed Avasam as a platform to benefit sellers, suppliers and customers by standardising and automating processes, reducing the need for human interaction and helping to eliminate the issues with partner reliability across the board. We provide a completely automated solution for sellers to DropShip anywhere, not just on Amazon – although most of our sellers choose Amazon as their first marketplace to integrate. ”

What is your favourite topic for the Conference and why?
I think the cross-border eCommerce panel is going to be very, very interesting for sellers, and particularly DropShippers. DropShipping worldwide is a strategy that most sellers aim for, and with Brexit, I think it’s important that sellers are armed with the information they need to go forward and continue to grow their Amazon business.

What is the level of income a typical seller gets via dropshipping?

I get asked this a lot, and it’s really difficult to give even a ballpark figure! That’s because every business is different, and it depends on what the seller is aiming for, what they target as their niche, and whether they’re DropShipping exclusively or whether it is a ‘side hustle’. We have a lot of sellers who are fitting their DropShipping business into their spare time – when the kids go to bed, on their commute, and so on. That said, some of our sellers have their own brick-and-mortar stores, and use Avasam to increase their inventory and their profits, without laying out huge costs. The key is that with Avasam, the potential income a seller can make is absolutely limitless.

What is the best way to manage delivery expectations since it is not under the seller’s control?
We wanted our sellers to be confident in Avasam sellers. That’s why we created the Avasam Verified supplier programme. Our suppliers are primarily UK based, with a few in Europe, and to achieve the highest verification, suppliers have to dispatch to the same standards as Amazon Prime requirements. Most Avasam suppliers aim for this level of service anyway, but this can help put those concerns to bed.

Do sellers normally go with multiple categories?

Many Avasam sellers do sell in multiple categories because there are no limits to the number of products they can sell, but we do have some sellers who target particular niches and therefore only sell in certain categories on Amazon. Our sellers have great success with both approaches – those with the greatest success have created strong strategies, for Amazon, their own websites and beyond.

As a sponsor, we’re really looking forward to being there at Amafest on 17th October – it promises to be a very valuable day, with lots of opportunities to gain knowledge from some incredible industry experts. Our team are looking forward to connecting with sellers on the day and being part of the wider eCommerce discussions we know will happen.


Sponsored by UKFast, the event will take place close to the City Centre and refreshments will be provided.

Early bird tickets are now sold out and standard tickets are selling fast. Claim yours for £50.00 + VAT https://amafestuk.com/