Amazon Advertising Guide

A recent Amazon case study features Indigo Jamm’ success story. With the use of sponsored ad campaigns, Indigo Jamm’s average monthly Amazon sales increased by 217% compared to those of the previous three months. 

This a real success story that shows just how powerful Amazon Advertising is. Amazon’s Advertising offers solutions across the full marketing funnel; enabling you to build your brand on their platform and to help you reach a larger amount of consumers; and ultimately, increase sales.

For most sellers on Amazon, search marketing offers a great first step into the world of Amazon Advertising, so this is where we’re going to keep the focus of this guide. Amazon offers three main types of advertising for both Seller Central and Vendor Central users. 


Sponsored Product Ads (SPAs)

Sponsored Product Ads are usually the initial starting point for an Amazon seller. They’re the ad you see displayed at the top or bottom of a search results page – and you may not realise but they can also be displayed on a product page.

Sponsored Brands (SBAs)

Formerly known as Headline Search Ads – these ads are displayed across Amazon, but most commonly seen above the search results. Sponsored Brands allows advertisers with the brand registry to display three products and their brand logo, along with some text. This ad type is great for generating brand awareness, allows you to display a range of products and is great for generating clicks to an Amazon Brand Store.

Product Display Ads (PDAs)

This ad type targets and is displayed on a set of products determined by the advertiser. This enables you to create cross-sell or upsell opportunities on your own product pages, steal sales from a competitor or position your products with complementary items. 

With this guide you will:

  • Understand how Amazon Advertising works,
  • How to create your own Amazon Advertising strategy,
  • How to get started with Amazon Advertising and 
  • How to take your campaigns to the next level.

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