Amazon Advertising Search Term Impression Share Report Podcast with Brent from Amz Pathfinder

Amazon Advertising Search term impression share reports tell us how our ads search terms compare with other advertisers.

For example, if you have an impression share of 80% for a search term, it means that you have won 80% of all Sponsored Products ad impressions for that search term. At the same time, if the search term impression rank is 2, this term has the second most ad impressions. So, if your Search Term Impression Share is lower for the main keyword, you can gain more impressions by increasing your bid.

Listen to this podcast with Brent Zahradnik from Amz Pathfinder to learn more.

Key topics: 

   – What is the search term impression share?

   – What is search term rank?

   – Adjusting bids/budget based on the report


Host: Prabhat Shah

Guest: Brent Zahradnik  ( )



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