Amazon Expert London (Personalised Session)

In recent years, for many sellers, Amazon has been a successful venture. With sellers always looking for consistent growth and seeking new ways to improve performance. But, very often sellers are self-taught and sales growth is primarily due to Amazon’s trust factor and prime offering. This has left sellers stuck for ideas on what else they can do to improve sales; at which point they seek expert guidance. This is where I can help.

Recently, I was in Central London with a beauty/cosmetics seller, who already had a good Amazon business but were looking to improve. My visit was to bring in a fresh pair of expert eyes to audit their existing performance and create an Amazon growth plan.

The team in place were already great at maintaining their account and were getting consistent sales, which made piecing together a bespoke training plan easier. For this seller, the training plan was to answer any questions they had, to run an account audit and create a plan with a set of actions for the following few months, to help with growth.

The day was very successful and we were able to:

  1. Review their listings and optimise keywords.
    • Listing optimisation involves title, key features, description and search term optimisation. When optimising our aim is to improve the organic search ranking of Amazon products.
  2. Review account health and inventory planning.
    • An account health check helps to find out issues with customer support/customer service. Inventory planning helps to figure out if there have been any lost sales and if there is any excess stock at an Amazon warehouse. A good review can help to improve performance/sales up to 30%.
  3. Review Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).
    • Amazon Marketing Services includes paid ads: sponsored products, headline search and product display. Using ads is a good way to get incremental sales and help with initial sales when launching a new product. Many sellers use this strategically to raise brand awareness in a short span of time.

Once we’d been through and reviewed all the above, we could now sit down and create the growth plan. During this process, we involved decision makers so jobs could be allocated to the right people, and to make sure we set a realistic plan of action.

This process is such a simple, yet really powerful task to do. Allowing operational teams to work on improving the account with the plan of action in hand, whilst staying within the targets set by the management too.

If you are looking for expert help with your Amazon Seller Central sales growth, please get in touch to discuss. Every session delivered is bespoke and we will work with you and your account to improve performance.