Amazon Masterclass Training Slough and London

We have been really busy from the start of 2016.   Ecommerce is here to grow and we are excited to see so many businesses realising its importance and now moving forward with it. If you are thinking of Ecomerce projects please get in touch.  We are here help and get involved in your ecommerce projects.

This was another fantastic week for us with Amazon Masterclass training in Slough and London. Our first day was Amazon Masterclass training for a seller in sports category. They were also manufacturer which means ability to adapt to the changes and ever competitive Amazon marketplace flooded with cheap Chinese imports. It is really exciting to have an opportunity to work with creative sellers who are doing their best innovating new products and moving forward rather than competing on price with cheap imports. At the same it is really sad to see direct impact of VAT evasion in the UK damaging small industry.

Our focus of this Amazon Masterclass were:

#1 Account Setup for Amazon US FBA

#2 Tax considerations

#3 Fees and Customer Service

#4 Selling on Amazon Japan

#5 Amazon Seller best practices

#6 How to encounter Amazon adds on to make product profitable?

#7 Amazon Promotions

#8 Importance of Brand registry

Overall it was a fantastic day full of practical training and we were able to answer all questions raised. We were also able to create a one year Amazon growth strategy for the business. If you are aiming to expand your business please get in touch. We are here to help!



Following this training we had another training day in London and this time it was an experienced seller in an automotive industry. They were selling white label products successfully on both Amazon and eBay. Their focus was more on product development than and had fully outsourced operation to Amazon though FBA. Interestingly they were also fulfilling eBay orders through Amazon warehouse and getting good success. We were challenged to provide ways to improve sales for experienced sellers like this and we loved it!

Our focus throughout the day was to use Amazon best practices, Amazon sponsored ads, brand development, and creating seamless operations integrated with agile inventory system. We discussed eBay best practices, promotional tools and enhanced email marketing campaigns. We also discussed the importance of developing websales in a long term with less reliance on marketplaces.

We received fantastic testimonial  about our training – “We got  a lot out of it and will be putting it to good use in the upcoming weeks and months.  As you know we have been selling on amazon for a yr or 2 but not completely sure of reports and stock systems and the paid advertising etc. So it was great to have you there to answer our questions.  I’m sure in a few months we will have some more questions for you.  Thanks again and would be happy to recommend you to other similar businesses that are selling on Ebay and Amazon.”

We enjoy working with successful businesses and this was a perfect day for us with another happy client who received bespoke onsite Amazon and eBay training. If you are an Amazon or eBay seller in London or any parts of the UK, please get in touch to find out how we can help. Our training is unique and tailored to suit your business and your team.