Amazon Product Launch Checklist

This statistic gives shows 53 percent of paid units were sold by third-party sellers in Q4 in the US. 


Amazon 3rd party seller’s growth is continuously increasing and is now a large portion of Amazon’s total sales. So it is no surprise that brands, retailers and manufacturers are trying to capitalise on the platform, reaching out to Amazon’s loyal customer base. The platform has proven a success not only for large sellers but for anyone, just like you and me.  With so many “private label” success stories we see new sellers all the time in our Amazon training courses.   

To help sellers launch their product/s on Amazon, we have created a simple checklist that will help you to grow and increase your ranking progressively, and to also help you plan the next step. This can be used for any product/s you are going to launch. Depending on your product, you may have to skip some steps but it is all still useful.

Because this is a working document, I would love to hear your comments. Please get in touch here. Please get in touch here.