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Amazon UK Vendor Advertising: £26.00 return for every £1.00 spent

Amazon Advertising can be very successful during the busy Christmas period when all major brands are investing to appear on the top of page #1. But it is important to ensure you test advertising prior to this, so you know what products, keywords and campaign types work best for you. This will ensure you invest and focus on the best performing campaigns that are going to generate you the most sales during the key sales period.

Recently, we worked with an Amazon Vendor account selling beauty products.  We began work in October, starting with just Sponsored Product Ads. As we were able to test for a couple of months, we were able to then generate £17k worth of sales in December at an ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) of just 3.8%.


To begin with, we started with Automatic Targeting Sponsored Product Ads, which requires only set up; building out relevant campaigns and ad groups.

As the name suggests they run automatically, targeting keywords based on the content of your product detail page. Amazon matches a customers search query with the content in your product title, key features, description, search terms or any other part of your content and displays your product based on relevancy and likelihood of conversion.

Once Automatic Campaigns have been running for several days, you can gather great keyword data and then begin to set up Manual Targeting Campaigns.



  • We used Automatic Targeting campaigns to generate traffic to our pages and drive sales via the on-page search terms, and build data in reports,
  • Used the Amazon Search Term Report to understand what keywords were and weren’t working,
  • Used reverse ASIN keywords to generate additional keywords,
  • Created Manual Targeting campaigns with targeted keywords from the search term report & keyword tools,
  • Optimised Manual Targeting campaigns with bid adjustments based on placement and negative keywords,
  • Used all match types in Manual KW campaigns, utilising Exact Match for top converting search terms,
  • Updated campaigns with the negative brand KW to generate sales via generic KW
  • Launched category target ads aiming to generate sales via product placement on products in the same category. 


  • £29.5K sales with a 6.3% ACoS
  • ROAS £26.17:1 i.e. £26.17 revenue generated with every £1.00 spend
  • ASIN targeted sales 24%
  • KW target sales 7.35%  with 41% Non-Brand KW sales and 59% Brand KW sales


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