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Amazon Vendor Central Sales Growth: 235% Increase in Ordered Revenue YOY

With Amazon Vendor, brands and manufacturers can reach a whole new set of customers that aren’t available within their normal channels. It has become a very powerful sales channel for many, and it is matching up with traditional distributor sales. 

As an Amazon Specialist Agency, we work with Amazon Vendors here in the UK and the US. Back in April 2018, we partnered with Viking Signs and have been working closely with them since to uplift sales via Amazon Advertising and creating A+ pages. 


We developed and implemented an effective Amazon advertising growth plan for the business which aims to raise product awareness, gain market share and increase market share. Online Seller UK Amazon growth plan is an essential part of every project and shapes how we tailor our advertising on a monthly basis. 

This incorporated monthly tasks of launching and optimising various types of advertising include Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads.  


We built over 350 + campaigns in a process-driven approach including automatic targeting, followed by manual keyword-targeted ads and product/category targeting campaigns. Along with this, we leveraged Amazon Sponsored Brands to surface our ads, resulting in a prominent brand position, and Amazon sponsored display ads to increase product awareness and to appear against relevant products.  

Alongside this, we also…

  • Created campaigns using converting keywords and high sales products to give focus on incremental sales
  • Created cross-selling ads using Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display

A+ Product Pages: 

Amazon A+ pages allow you to showcase your brand and better convey the value of your products to help customers make informed buying decisions. Additionally, it allows to cross-promote products and according to Amazon, it can boost sales from 3 – 10%.  We developed a series of A+ pages and worked especially hard during the pandemic to push sales for COVID-19 related products. 


  • Managed adverts for 2000 + products 
  • Amazon choice and Bestseller tag achieved
  • Created content-rich A + pages 
  • Around 25-30%  of the sales are now driven by advertising
  • 235% increase in ordered revenue compared to last year

We have been delighted with the help we have received from Prabhat and Online Seller UK.  Prabhat really knows his stuff has done a fantastic job setting up and running our Amazon advertising campaigns.  We have seen great sales growth and Prabhat is always there to help with advice or finding new strategies to implement.  He also has a truly entrepreneurial spirit, when we come up with a new challenge or idea he finds a way to make it happen. I can’t recommend him highly enough.  –  James, Viking Signs


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