Amazon Vendor Integration

Amazon Vendor Central Integration with Khoocommerce

For some time I have been looking for solution that would integrate Amazon Vendor accounts in multichannel
platforms. Finally we have discovered “KhooCommerce”, a UK based solution provider.

Unlike Amazon Seller Central which uses API, Amazon Vendor Central uses interface called EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange) which allowed us to get particular information from Amazon Vendor.

KhooCommerce and Amazon Vendor

KhooCommerce have developed a solution through which a Vendor is able link their Vendor account through the setup of EDI and the KhooCommerce order management software. In Amazon’s own words, this tie is “designed to take the normal business to business processes and accelerate and automate them to help reduce costs and improve efficiency as our companies interact.

When integration is complete, the system would allow you to:

– Purchase Order – Saving time on creating orders separately

– Invoice – Create an invoice to Amazon automatically

– Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) – Create a shipping note automatically

Any example of Implementation

EV Cables Limited has recently implemented the KhooCommerce Vendor solution. Within a few months, KhooCommerce enabled them to automate managing their sales and expand their presence across multiple channels.

EV Cables use the KhooCommerce software to process their orders from consumers, wholesalers, and Amazon Vendor, along with the ability to sell in multiple currencies. They will shortly be adding integration with Amazon Seller and eBay.

The order management system is dynamically linked with their UK based warehouse to enable prompt order fulfilment whilst the accounts are integrated with Clearbooks.

With stock control across all their selling channels, EV Cables are able to effectively manage their inventory with tailored stock policies. EV Cables are also setting up the KhooCommerce software to link in with their suppliers to enable seamless purchase order processing.

‘We appreciate the extra effort that the KhooCommerce team have gone through to make this work’ – Richard Lim (Owner, EV Cables)

Going forward

The end result you can expect is an automated system that would handle your customers’ orders from your website, eBay, Amazon Seller Central and orders from Amazon together.

So, with the KhooCommerce software, a cloud-based multichannel inventory management system you’d be able to automate order processing such as communicating with a logistics partner, updating stock levels, processing orders and managing invoice creation/payments.

Recently we spoke with Katherine, director at KhooCommerce and here’s the podcast for you.

For a demo please contact Katherine directly here >