Avoiding Amazon Suspension with CJ Rosenbaum (Amazon Sellers Lawyer) – PODCAST

With marketplace competition growing significantly and larger brands becoming savvier at protecting themselves, the current situation is relentless for new and existing sellers.

Large brands are coming up left right and centre, trying to stop genuine sellers from selling their products on Amazon; even when they aren’t doing anything wrong. More often than not, when a larger brand reports a seller their account is suspended or removed.

This is where Amazon Sellers Lawyer helps.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer helps sellers all over the world to avoid suspension. They also work with sellers who have lost their account or product, helping them to get their account back by writing plans of action to submit to Amazon.

In this podcast, CJ Rosenbaum from Amazon Sellers Lawyer, talks us about the suspension, discussing:

  • What some of the major concerns are for sellers right now,
  • How sellers can avoid suspension on Amazon,
  • How quickly Amazon Sellers Lawyer can get a suspended account reinstated,
  • How can sellers keep up with the rapidly changing rules on Amazon.