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Builder Marketplace – Amazon Account Management Case Study

The Amazon sales channel is one of the best sales platforms; however, it needs appropriate management that includes listing creation, promotion management, Amazon advertising and listing health. Online Seller UK helps sellers in all aspects to help accelerate growth, as seen in this image below:

Working closely with Builder Marketplace since 2021, we’ve successfully enhanced their Amazon sales strategy. Our efforts included resolving issues, crafting new listings, optimising content, and overseeing advertising initiatives. The outcome speaks volumes: a remarkable 8-fold increase in sales during Q1 compared to the previous year. Here’s to even more growth ahead! 




Troubleshooting: We resolved suppressed listings and missing item information, enhancing product visibility significantly.

New Product Listings: We regularly created optimised listings, nearly doubling the number of active offers in Q1 compared to the previous year.

Product Infographics and Store Design: We designed informative product infographics and storefronts to boost customer engagement.

Amazon Advertising: Online Seller UK holds verified Amazon partner status, earned after passing all of Amazon’s rigorous checks. We created a diverse Amazon Advertising campaign to enhance product placement by targeting relevant keywords, competing products, and audiences. 

Additionally, we launched Amazon-sponsored brand videos, driving traffic to the product page with keyword, product, and category targets.

We meticulously monitored and managed campaigns, providing comprehensive reports in a 7/10-day cycle, including all relevant Key Performance Indicators. This approach ensured consistent growth, allowed for necessary adjustments, and met evolving requirements.


  • Launched 30+ Ad Campaigns Across All Target
  • 8x Increase in Q1 Advertising Sales YoY
  • 35% of Total Sales from Ads
  • 10% Ad Conversion Rate:

Our journey with Online Seller UK has been transformative. Their expert guidance and management of our Amazon sales channel have played a pivotal role in our success. From resolving complex issues to creating compelling new listings, their team’s dedication is unmatched. The strategic approach to Amazon advertising, including sponsored brand videos, significantly boosted our product visibility. Their partnership helped not just sales but also sustained growth and success.   –  Cameron Newbold, Builder Marketplace


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