Check  where your business meets economic nexus or notice & report requirements

We have recently heard about the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court ruling where nexus is decided based on your economic activity. This is why a large volume online sellers need to know where we may have new sales tax requirements.

Lizzy Greenburg, Chief Marketing Officer at Taxjar, spoke in our London Amazon Seller meetup highlighting this. Checkout recorder version of the talk below:

To make things easier, Taxjar has created a free service to see where you exceed these state-specific economic thresholds in just a few minutes.

Sales & Transactions Checker will show you:

✔️ Specific states where you exceed economic thresholds

✔️The amount of revenue you’ve generated in these states

✔️The number of transactions you’ve made in these states

✔️Next steps if you have new state sales tax requirements

Hit the link below and find out more.