eBay and Amazon Training in London


eBay Training is still in demand and our work is to provide enough information about eBay and ensure sellers are aware of recent changes. We regularly deliver eBay training in London and throughout the UK. Last we delivered half day eBay training in London and it was quite interesting with  attendees with over 17,000 feedback and a scientist from Cambridge aiming to build online business. Our aim for the day was to help attendees learn the best practices and improve their sales in a long term.

We covered topics like how to get in the top of eBay search results, eBay promotional manager, eBay promoted ads, eBay Email marketing, getting the best of eBay item specifics and impact of latest product identifiers requirements in search.

The second half the day was Amazon training with a different set of audience. We specialise in delivering personalised training and spend considerable time to understand attendees’ profile. However, it’s always a challenge as we don’t know exactly what questions to expect from the attendees. Our attendees usually come from various backgrounds and with lot of mix experience which makes it challenging to deliver training to fit everyone in the room. This time we had attendees who are just starting up to sell on Amazon and others with a good history of trading with Amazon and looking for possibility of expanding into European market through Amazon FBA.

We started the session with the basics of Amazon and as planned we swiftly moved to more advanced training with Amazon search ranking, Amazon FBA, Amazon Arbitrage, setting up multichannel system with Magento, brand building with GS1 EANs and expanding into the European market. During this half day Amazon training we successfully fulfilled attendees’ expectations and helped attendees to create action plan for the next one year raising their confidence in getting the best out of Amazon.

We’d love to help you out, if you are looking eBay or Amazon training in London please get in touch.