eBay Repricing with Cardy Chung (Streetpricer)– PODCAST

ith marketplace competition growing significantly over the last couple of years, it is no surprise that many sellers are finding it hard to get ahead of the new and old competition. Especially when the market is so price driven. Sellers can often find it hard to reduce pricing low enough to make any money, which puts their business at risk. But now, we have access to many different tools that can help with this.

Many sellers are starting to reap the benefits of Repricing tools, and Streetpricer is a popular repricer on the market offering dynamic repricing on eBay.

With repricing tools, like Streetpricer, their tool will automate price increases and decreases depending on the current situation. If your competitor runs out of stock, you’ll want to know immediately so you can increase your prices, or if your competitor decreases their pricing you’ll want to know so you can compete with this.

In this podcast, founder of Streetpricer Cardy Chung talks to us about repricing, discussing:

  • Why you should be using repricing,
  • How repricing works, and
  • How it can help you to beat your competition and grow your sales.