eBay SEO | Episode #93 | Online Seller UK Podcast with Dave Snyder from List Rank Sell

eBay use algorithms like Google to determine how to rank product listings on its search results. Numerous factors such as relevant keywords, sales history and category help to rank your product on eBay.

In this podcast, Fred Benfield, co-founder of Weprepfba, talks about the advantage of the 3PL service.

Tune in to this podcast with Dave Snyder from List Rank Sell to learn more.

– What exactly is search engine optimization?

– What makes eBay SEO different from optimizing for Google?

– Why is eBay SEO so important, even to big brands?

– What does your typical eBay SEO client look like?


Host: Prabhat Shah

Guest: Dave Snyder ( https://www.listranksell.com/ )


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