Episode #012 An introduction to Avasam with its founder Tejas Dave

In this Online Seller UK podcast, Tejas, founder at Avasam talks about how Avasam automates the dropshipping process. 

Selling online includes two key components one, sourcing the right product and second selling them via marketplaces as efficiently as possible. Both parts are equally important and there may not always be both skillsets within the business, or there may not be enough capital. This is where Avasam comes in and helps importers/distributors to make their products available to people with the art of selling the product via various marketplaces. 

Tejas rightly says, dropshipping is not the way to make a quick buck but given the time and effort, it can be a successful business. To help you get started and keep growing Avasam has taken an initiative to run masterclasses at their London HQ and also give you an opportunity to meet suppliers and other sellers.  

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