Episode #021 How to set your CPC without hurting sales?

Amazon advertising works without a doubt but managing your CPC is important so your ad cost does not go beyond your target spend. 

Your CPC may differ based on what the campaign’s goal is. For example, that could be early exploring and learning campaigns compared to the campaigns you have started optimising for a while. In this episode, Florian Nottorf founder at Adference, tells us how to calculate the best CPC and how automation helps to get the best out of your Amazon advertising. 

What will you learn?

–When should we think about automating ads? 

–How campaign goals set the CPC of your products?

–How rule based bidding works? 

–What are the pros and cons of mathematical bid calculations?

–How to calculate the perfect bid for your campaigns?

–What are the key challenges for daily bid optimization?


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