Escrow Service for UK Vendors sourcing from China


Payoneer, the sole provider on Amazon to service 24 countries and a better alternative to World First and Currencies Direct, has recently launched Escrow Payment service called Armorpayments.

This allows you to trade with Chinese sellers in confidence protecting you both with trade terms. If you are trading with Chine manufacturer or sellers with trust, Armorpayments will help you make that step.

The Armor Escrow process significantly reduced risk in five simple steps:

  1. Request Payment – the seller creates a payment request and sends it to the buyer
  2. Orders Sent / Received – the buyer receives the payment request and submits payment
  3. Funds In Escrow – payment is received to the secure escrow account
  4. Goods Shipped / Services Delivered – the seller ships the goods or provides the service
  5. Payment Released – the buyer releases payment upon review

I have spoken with head of Armorpayments and they have assured a VIP service to anyone reading Online Seller UK blog. So, get in touch today.