Expanding internationally beyond Amazon and eBay with Pivot International

Cross-border trade online is growing at a rapid pace. Now more than ever, UK online sellers are looking for opportunities elsewhere due to the competitive market in the UK. Amazon and eBay are both common places for sellers to go when looking to expand internationally. Although, alongside these two dominant players there are other marketplaces receiving growing interest.

Unfortunately, it is very common to hear sellers are unconfident with other marketplaces, beyond and Amazon and eBay, not knowing whether it is worth investing. This is why I spoke with James from Pivot International, who specialises in helping UK sellers expand internationally beyond Amazon and eBay.

– Below are some of the points we touched on in this podcast:

– The role of marketplaces in cross-border online retail,

– Key regions for UK brands and retailers,

– Key marketplaces outside of Amazon and eBay,

– Steps to choosing the right marketplace, and

– Success stories