February London Online Seller Meetup @ GS1 UK

Our February Online Seller Meetup at GS1 UK went well and we enjoyed expert talks on Maximising International Revenue with Payoneer and Amazon Sponsored Ads Best Practices. This event was sponsored by Payoneer.

Andy from Payoneer delivered a very engaging talk on how they can help maximise your international payment from Amazon. Payoneer is building up an ecosystem in which you can withdraw funds from your Amazon Europe or US account with less foreign exchange risk. In addition to this you can pay-out to suppliers and tax to government agencies. This is a unique solution that has given Payoneer a competitive advantage over others.

International payment and currency exchange is generally a very interesting topic and Andy’s presence at the meetup was extremely helpful. You can find out more about Andy’s talk on the slide deck below:

Andy’s talk was followed by Amazon Sponsored Ads Best Practices talk by Prabhat, founder of Online Seller UK. Prabhat explained that with competitive marketplaces such as Amazon, sellers are now trying to expand their reach with Sponsored Ads. It is very easy to setup and generally return is excellent.  Here are some examples of best practice of Amazon Sponsored Ads:

– Start with Automatic Ads and harvest converting search terms for manual ads

-Start with optimal budget so we ensure maximum exposure as possible in the beginning and then refine it afterwards

-Use converting words in Manual ads

-Increase bids for keywords that convert well

– Create  your Adgroups based on category or product type

The evening ended with networking with the experts and other online sellers. Our next meetup is on 8th March. Please register free >>