Getting Page #1 Ranking Listing with ZonGuru | Ep 126 #OnlineSellerUK Podcast with Jon Tilley

In the episode, Jon Tilley from ZonGuru introduces its game-changing tool for online sellers: a listing optimisation tool within ZonGuru. This innovative tool is integrated with Chat GPT and helps optimise product listings achieving higher rankings in product copy on Amazon.

ZonGuru generates effective keywords, crafting compelling titles, features, and descriptions, all without keyword stuffing. Moreover, it works seamlessly with different languages, allowing sellers to expand their reach globally.

Furthermore, listing directly to Amazon, ZonGuru, streamlines the process and saves a significant amount of time. It’s important to note that the goal of ZonGuru is not to completely replace sellers’ input but to provide an optimised baseline that can be customised as needed. With ZonGuru, sellers can take their Amazon game to the next level and achieve the coveted page 1 ranking. Let’s listen to find out more!

Host: Prabhat Shah

Guest: Jon Tilley | ZonGuru ( )

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