How Connect Your Amazon Account to inkFrog and Import Your Listings

inkFrog makes it easy to list your products on eBay and to synchronize your sales of matching products across, eBay, Shopify, and other selling venues—all of which makes multi-channel selling a snap.

Here’s how to use your store and store listings with inkFrog.

1. Log into your inkFrog account.

To import your store listings or to use inkFrog’s synchronization tools with Amazon, you must first connect your Amazon seller account to inkFrog.

Start by visiting and logging in using your inkFrog email and password.

2. Click “Store Connector,” then “Add a Store” in the inkFrog sidebar.

Once inside inkFrog, locate “Store Connector” in the sidebar on the left of your screen and click on it. Then, click “Add a Store” to link a new store to your inkFrog account.


3. Select “” in the “Add a store” dialog.

In the “Add a store” pop-up dialog, click on the logo to begin linking your account to inkFrog.



4. Enter your store name.

Next you’ll be asked to enter the name of your store. If you don’t know the name of your store, click “Find it here” to have show the name of your store to you.

After entering the name of your store, select the region in which your store is registered from the region drop-down list. Then, click “Continue.”


5. Enter your Amazon seller account credentials.

When the login dialog appears, enter the login credentials for your Amazon seller account. Amazon requires that you enter these credentials to verify that you are the owner of the store being linked.

After entering your credentials, click “Sign in” to continue.

6. Agree to Amazon’s terms and click “Next.”

Read through the brief warning and disclaimer information, which confirms that you are granting a third party—inkFrog—access to your Amazon seller account data.

Check the box next to “I understand…” Then, click “Next” to continue. A simple confirmation dialog will appear to confirm that you have granted inkFrog access to your data. Click “Continue” to return to inkFrog.


7. Click “Import” to import your listings.

Once back in inkFrog, click “Store Connector” in the left sidebar to return to the Store Connector area, then locate your store in the list of stores linked to your inkFrog account.

Click the “Import” button (it looks like an downward arrow inside a circle) to begin to import your listings.


8. Select which listings to import into inkFrog.

If you’d like to import all of your listings for use on eBay, or to associate all of your listings to matching eBay listings, select the “Import all” option. To choose listings for import one by one, select the “Manually select which products to import” option.

Click “Next” to continue on and connect imported listings to matching eBay listings, or “Continue without mapping” to simply import your listings without associating them to existing eBay listings.

You’re all done!

Your Amazon seller account is now linked to inkFrog. Your listings have been imported and (optionally) associated with matching eBay listings according to your preferences.

You’re now free to use your imported listings as the basis for new eBay listings and to configure synchronization options between your store and your other inkFrog-linked stores according to the needs of your business.