Is this the right time to partner with Amazon?

Amazon’s recent partnership with Apple is exciting news. Customers can buy directly from Apple via their much-loved delivery service, Prime. This partnership is currently in the US, Europe, Japan and India. Everything Apple, except an Amazon competing product, the HomePod, will be sold on the platform.

It is no doubt that there’s a large number of fake Apple products on Amazon, but with the new partnership, this is eliminated. At the same time with Apple selling via Amazon it will win the buy box and will kill off third-party vendors.

This is a worrying situation for third-party retailers if brands start to partner with Amazon, will third-party sellers survive? 

But just having a partnership with Amazon does not mean as a brand you are the winner, due to Amazon’s algorithm, which favours reviewed and long-standing listings. There will be a lot more work to do via Amazon Advertising, setting up A+ content, Amazon Stores and so on.

Not all brands want to partner with Amazon but if they don’t, someone else will. This coupled with the “Amazon brands”, which has already gained consumers trust, this is a force to be reckoned with.

We know in this Amazon game there is only one winner, and that is Amazon. We are all the guinea pigs helping Amazon find what’s on demand. For this very reason, some brands avoid their presence, but Amazon already knows what customers are searching for. So, there is not much option here. Is there? Either partner with Amazon or see someone else grow with Amazon.  

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