Linnacademy Amazon Growth Workshop

Last week on the 19th October, we had an opportunity to attend and deliver Amazon Growth workshop at Linnacademy. It was a very productive day with insightful information on eCommerce from the leading experts and learnt latest developments at Linnworks.

Our workshop focused on growing Amazon business and it was presented with Chris, implementation specialist at Linnworks. Our talk focussed on three key agendas:  #1 factor affecting Amazon organic results, #2 leveraging paid ads to accelerate sales and #3 winning the buy box.

It is getting increasingly difficult to rank better on organic results with an increase of sellers and also very high numbers of private label products who essentially use online tools to find out what sells and manufacturer these products. Few of many factors that affect rankings are: number of positive reviews, fulfilment, price and search term match on product listings. We’d suggest creating a checklist and work you way through ensuring all factors are covered.

With an aim to increase visibility, many sellers have now opted in for paid ads and it has generated better ROI for everyone we worked with. Paid ads are only applicable for product winning the buy box so conversion is very high once a customer lands on that page. If you have never tried this, please do, set a specific budget for two weeks and monitor the result.

If you are selling brand items then there is a high possibility that you’d be in buy box competition which essentially means sales when you win it and the vice versa. This is an interesting phenomenon on Amazon which involves one product listing and as a seller we compete for the top position. So, how to win a buy box? There are few things we’d consider: seller feedback (not be confused with product feedback), significant price difference, sales history and fulfilment method. Again, we’d suggest creating a checklist and work your way through.

If you have missed the workshop, please find recorded version of the Amazon Growth Masterclass below and also please get in touch either via email or a telephone with any questions you have. We’re here to help.