Long Tail Keywords does work for eCommerce


A high rank in search engines is vital for all e-commerce retailers. Optimising your website using relevant keywords for your business, will
help you to rank number 1 in Google results.

Let’s say that you own a hotel in London. On your website, you optimize the content including keywords such as “best hotel London”, “London Hotel”, “3-star hotel London”. The problem is that dozens of competitors will be using the same keywords as you; this means that many websites will compete to include them on their sites and rank well on Search Engines.

High volumes of traffic, relevant metatags or feedback are some of the elements to rank higher than your competitors using the same popular keywords. Another solution, is the use of long tail keyword phrases.

Long tail keywords are unique queries that make up the majority of searches made by internet users. Sentences such as “3-star hotel near mayfair London” or “affordable afternoon tea in London hotel” are long tail keyword phrases that have low search volume; hence, it is less likely that many websites will compete to include them.

What is more important, someone looking for “affordable afternoon tea in London hotel” rather than being performing a search out of curiosity, may be already in London ready to enjoy some cakes and tea, which means that this particular search will convert into a new sale for you!

What can you do?

Find out what keywords are important for your website; you can simply ask your clients or colleagues what terms they would use to search and find the services you are offering.


David García Ruiz is a professional English into Spanish translator. He specialises in website translation and multilingual SEO services, and enjoys giving advice about good SEO practices. Visit his website  to find out more about his services or contact him via twitter.