Manchester Online Seller Meetup

What an amazing meetup in Manchester it was! We had 25 online sellers and retailers in attendance in our 30th June Manchester Online Seller Meetup at Rise, Deansgate. Attendees came from Sheffield, Preston and surprisingly from Spain apart from Manchester. We also had our youngest ever attendee, 13-year-old Amazon seller ! This event was co-hosted with the business growth hub and sponsored by 247 Commerce, a London based full service eCommerce solutions provider.

The event kicked off with Judith from business growth hub explaining how their team can help your business grow. The Business Growth Hub as a dedicated team of advisers who are passionate about giving businesses and entrepreneurs access to the growth programmes, expertise and the information they need to succeed. Whether it’s finding the finance your business needs to grow, discovering new ways to take a product or service to market, or learning more about the latest technologies and business thinking, the Hub has the contacts and the knowledge to make a real difference.

It was a really friendly atmosphere and our next speaker, Susant, co-director at 247Commerce delivered really good talk about business growth strategies. He also shared interesting insight in how we can increase our profitability. You can find out more on his slides below:


Susant is offering free consultancy and use of their application for 30 days to help get up to speed for sellers wishing to see significant improvement in sales and efficiency.

Sellers will be provided consultancy and a free setup and unlimited usage of the following modules within our 247CloudHub application for 4 weeks:

Compete: This module helps improve BuyBox percentage and increases profit margins on Amazon

Optimise: This module not just helps listing prices and quantities across multiple marketplaces but also lists products from FBA on eBay for shipping the products from FBA

Deliver: This module helps in processing 100’s of orders across 7 different marketplaces at speed to help gain efficiency and achieve greater cost savings.

You can book time with their consultants and see your business grow online. 

We had really creative businesses in the house and they were keen on learning new ways of expanding online. Our next speaker, Tova from Salford gave expert tips on creating engaging photos for your products. Professional photos are undeniably crucial to make a sale and you can get quick tips from her slides below:


The evening ended with me taking few questions on Amazon SEO. We discussed about Amazon raking and buy box winning factors.

We are experiencing new set of audience every time and we have started to attract international attendees.  We had attendees from Spain that evening. And few months ago we had attendees from Germany for our Amazon Masterclass training.  We are privileged to have an opportunity to serve businesses from the North in Newcastle to the South in Brighton. If you have not been to one of our meetup please do, it’s completely free and your businesses is only going to grow when you attend our Meetups.