Personalised eBay Training in Manchester


We assumed December will be a very quiet month for us in area of training but we were completely wrong. Quite recently we were in Manchester to deliver eBay Training for a clothing trader.  Please find our experience below in Q & A:

Where was this training?

 This training was delivered to a fashion eBay seller in Manchester.

How did we get this job?

We were found on Google search result. This took us sometime to get on the top of search result and this is now our main source of leads.

What was your training procedure?

 We took time to understand client’s level of understanding and client’s past eBay business activities. We considered client’s goal for next one year and created a training program.

What is the content of this training?

 Every training is so unique that we never re-use completely same content. Our main goal today was to:

# 1 Build confidence in using eBay

#2  Identify areas of improvement for existing eBay Store

#3  Optimise eBay listings to get on the top of search results

#4  Implement Cross Border Trade

We also delivered our standard training content to give in depth understanding of how eBay works. This reduced learning time and improves sales in a short span of time.

How long was the training?It was full day training and we focussed on our goals and most importantly we answered all client queries. We understand everyone has different ways of learning and this helps us to deliver training in very comfortable way. This is our Unique Selling Point and has been really successful.

How successful was this training?

 It was really successful training as we achieved our goals and we will be back for Amazon training.

Where else do you deliver 1-to-1 training and are you affordable?

We deliver training throughout the UK, weekdays and Saturdays. Our training is affordable and very good value for money for personalised training.

Do you provide after training support?

Our aim is to help you succeed online and it is only right to give you after training support. So, we provide 4 weeks free telephone support after the training to resolve any issues you may have.