Pinterest traffic to help boost your listings on Amazon | Episode #81 Podcast with Matt from Pinformative Group

Amazon’s algorithm aims to look through millions of product listings and display the most relevant products for a customer’s given search. Several factors affect the ranking, including conversion rate, click-through rate, organic sales, paid search sales, profitability, and customer reviews.

The A10 Amazon search algorithm has different weights assigned to each metric to determine a product’s search results, and external traffic driven to Amazon product pages now has greater weight.

Pinterest is one of the key external traffic sources, and listen to this podcast with Matt Parker from the Pinformative group to find out more.

Key topics:

 – How important do Amazon and the algorithm consider external traffic?

 – A quick way to begin a portfolio on Pinterest from an Amazon account.

 – Categories that rank well with Pinterest.


Host: Prabhat Shah

Guest: Matt Parker (


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