The Parcel for Me App

The Parcel for Me App tells the retailer and carrier about customer delivery preferences, enabling the customer to choose from a list of delivery options. There are choices to deliver to your home, next door or collect from a local shop. The idea is to reduce basket abandonment due to delivery confusion.  

The concept behind Parcel for Me is to enable speedy checkout with a range of choices.   

With this app, buyers can also shop within the app with partner retailers and this is revolutionary. Until now we have seen the power of marketplace but the power of delivery choice is fairly new. At the end of the day, if it is convenient there will be consumers shopping on the app rather than the retailer themselves.



  • Parcel for Me delivers a speedy checkout, reduces cart abandonment, gives consumers the delivery options they want and ensures first-time delivery success.
  • Parcel for Me greatly improves first-time delivery success reducing the re-delivery costs
  • Vast array of over 40,000 click & collect locations.


This solution is free to retailers and consumer so, it is a win-win situation for both.