How Topdoors improved their Operation with an external audit?

For the last 10 years, I have worked with online sellers of all sizes, from growing retailers with 50k monthly sales to a million. Whatever the size of the business one thing is very common, they all have operational issues. The problem of too many orders and system failure. Mistakes are made in customer support and order processing. In turn, there is poor feedback,  loss of top rated seller status, loss of buy box and even suspension.  

It would be really helpful to find a good solution for all these general problems so that I can help. I finally got the answer in the last few weeks.

A while ago I was speaking with Topdoors in Leeds, who are very successful online sellers in the Kitchen category. They somehow resolved similar issues and started seeing progress. They have grown over the last two years and recently moved to a 12,000 sq warehouse, 4 times larger than the previous one.

They employed an external consultant to study their existing processes. Their main aim was to quicken order processing time, lower customer claims and lower returns. They implemented standard order processing and just in time production method to achieve a favourable result. Here’s the detailed case study >> 

This kind of process audit combined with operational changes can have a significant impact on any eBay and Amazon seller, especially when these marketplaces purely operate on reputation.

If you are a growing online seller in a similar situation, get in touch with Prudentcfo team and book a free initial consultation.