VAT compliance for Amazon PAN-EU SALES

Gurpreet Sidhu

Selling across the border is getting easier and easier, however, being compliant to sell cross-border is getting more complicated. Gurpreet Sidhu from talks to us about Amazon PAN EU Compliance and how you can make life easier for yourself.

VAT is becoming more prominent across the globe and governments are wanting to catch merchants and make sure they are paying. You need to register for VAT in more than just your own country if you are selling abroad using pan EU Amazon sales.

Even if the stock is here in the UK then we need to think about VAT elsewhere.

For example, each European country has its own distance selling threshold such as Euros 35 000 limits for France for example (assuming warehousing in the UK).

Multiply this by 6 for the following countries -Germany France Spain Italy Czech and Spain if you sell using Pan EU Amazon.

Below are some of the points we touched on in this podcast:

  • The process of EU registration – is it complicated?
  • Plan ahead and work out how to get registration numbers
  • You need to factor in a cost for this service, there is a burden of time and cost
  • Is the reporting monthly or quarterly?
  • If you sell on eBay or your own website and have registered for pan EU Amazon sales what do you need to do
  • Is there still profit to be made with all this extra cost?

To make this process easier Gurpreet has created software to assist with this. For additional information contact Gurpreet at or check out