Vdepot – eCommerce fulfilment solution provider


Vdepot is a fulfilment solution provider based in Norwich. Led by Iain Hill with an extensive knowledge of e-commerce, the business is going from strength to strength with both national and international clients. Their services include order fulfilment, storage, product re-work and FBA shipment.

Vdepot is a truly customer-friendly business providing bespoke solutions to every business. You may just have a packaging need or you may simply have storage needs, Vdepot is there to help.


There are numerous companies offering similar services so, we have put together a few key features below:

Order Fulfilment   

   – You will have a dedicated account manager to assist and answer any questions or queries

   – Manage your customer returns

   – Meet special requirements such as temperature control or stock rotation etc.


   – Produce a periodic management report so that you can make important decisions

   – Built in-house so it’s flexible to meet your requirements

Product Rework

   – Flexibility allows you to allocate any amount of jobs

   – Fulfil any packaging requirements

Vdepot has been in business for 20 years and has proven themselves to be experts in product layout, meaning increased efficiency, reducing costs. They have worked to integrate with all major e-commerce platforms and with a range of courier integrations.  As a small company, all services are personalised and designed to help you grow online.

Contact: Iain Hill

Email: iain@vdepot.co.uk