Personalised WordPress Training in Swansea

Online Seller UK - WordPress SEO Training SwanseaHere at Online Seller UK, we are really interested in helping SMEs to grow online. We do our best to help individuals and stretch their ability to do the best they can. No matter what skills you have, we believe you can always learn new digital marketing skills to drive your business forward.  We had another opportunity to deliver onsite WordPress user training in Swansea recently

We knew that client’s website was built locally in Swansea with an outsourced SEO.  This nicely built website was ranking well however, there was very less control from the owner’s side which meant the need of a developer for any minor changes. This used to be the way websites were built sometime ago but this  has changed lately with CMS system like WordPress and it is how it should be –  “build it and give ownership and control back to the business.”

So, we planned our half day training to get focussed and to get the best out of our time spent. We’ve covered quite a bit within our time-frame, including:

#1 How to upload relevant photos with SEO friendly title and Alt tags ?

#2 How to upload videos on to the website ?

# 3 How to create SEO friendly blog posts ?

# 4 How to use Meta titles and description in SEO Yoast plugin ?  –

# 5 How to create SEO friendly content relevant to the target audience ?

Overall,  this personalised WordPress training was quite productive. We have empowered another business with WordPress skills they desperately need!

We provide personalised WordPress training throughout the UK. We travel comfortably wherever you are, please get in touch here  or call us on 029 2236 2596 to discuss your requirements.