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32% Increase in Ad Sales YoY with 5% TACoS

Rugremedy is a company based in Hertfordshire that offers pest control and household cleaning products. We partnered with them earlier this year to help advertising sales and establish control over the content.

The primary objectives were as follows:

  • Increase advertising effectiveness and optimise ACoS.
  • Update product content and create informative infographics.
  • Establish control over the brand link to create A+ content.


To achieve their objectives, we implemented the following approach: 

Updated Content and Brand Linking: They utilised the file method to update their product content and linked the brand name, unlocking the A+ content. 

Infographic Creation: We created informative infographics to help customers understand their products’ features, benefits, and usage. The infographics enhanced the product listings and increased customer engagement.

Amazon Ads Plan: We developed and implemented a strategic Amazon ads plan. By utilising various ad formats and targeting specific audiences, we aimed to increase product visibility, attract new customers, and drive sales growth.


Our efforts resulted in significant improvements, showcasing the effectiveness of their approach. 

32% Increase in Ad Sales YoY: Within six months, we achieved a remarkable 32% increase in ad sales compared to the previous year. This substantial growth demonstrated the positive impact of their updated content, infographics, and Amazon ads plan in driving customer engagement and conversions.

ACoS and Total ACoS: We saw an ACoS of 20%, indicating efficient advertising spending. Moreover, the Total ACoS, including advertising and organic sales, was 5%. This low Total ACoS suggests that most of their sales were organic, highlighting the positive impact of their improved advertising strategy on overall sales performance.

Organic Sales Growth: Besides the significant increase in ad sales, Rugremedy experienced an approximate 9% growth in organic sales year on year. This growth can be attributed to the enhanced brand presence resulting from their updated content and increased customer awareness generated by their ads.

Ads Conversion: The ad conversion rate was 30% on average, which shows a significant portion of customers who engaged with their ads proceeded to make a purchase, underscoring the effectiveness of the targeted campaigns

Our partnership with Prabhat and his team has transformed our Amazon account. Their expertise in optimising our Amazon presence was evident from the start. Within six months, we witnessed an increase in ad sales compared to the previous year. We’re not just selling products; we’re building a brand, and this partnership played a pivotal role in our success story. – Leonie Aigin, RugremedyUK


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