6 Marketing Podcasts Ecommerce Merchants Need in Their Lives

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Given how quickly things change in the e-commerce world (trends come and go, digital standards change, and disruptive technology arrives), it’s imperative to keep up with fresh developments. This is something for which podcasts are exceptionally useful.

The best thing about a podcast is that it’s ideal for multitaskers and those with busy schedules that might not otherwise accommodate research or education. If you commute to work, you can listen to a podcast as you do and add to your knowledge very easily. If you spend an hour in the gym every evening, you can exercise your mind as you exercise your body.

But with so many great podcasts available for free, how do you choose which ones to try? It ultimately comes down to curation — getting recommendations so you can commit to a strong selection instead of spending countless hours trying some out. To that end, here are 6 marketing podcasts that every ecommerce merchant should be listening to:

Copyblogger FM

As much as e-commerce is about showing the right products to the right people at the right times, it’s also about the art of selling with your words — particularly when you’re selling products available from countless retailers. Given Copyblogger’s sterling reputation for picking out the perfect worlds for driving conversions, it should come as no surprise that its podcast is a must-listen for merchants.

With over 200 episodes to work through, there’s a lot of fantastic information to be gleaned, and each instalment features a fresh cast of rotating experts to ensure that things never get stale. If you want to know how to get your product copy performing optimally, here’s your chance.

The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast

Creativity doesn’t conjure up magic from anywhere — it’s a process of gathering inspiration and breaking it down to find new approaches. And if you want to start getting that inspiration, the Creative Marketing Zone Podcast will certainly give you plenty to think about.

Headed by marketer Eric Koch, each episode focuses on a core theme such as getting LinkedIn leads or growing your business with influencer marketing, and many episodes bring in experts from throughout the creative industry to offer vital tips and guidance. It’s currently up to 86 episodes, so you’re not so far behind that you can’t catch up if you start right away.

The Influencer Podcast

The rise of influencer marketing has been quite remarkable. Through the advent of social media, the persuasive power has shifted from publications to individuals who build up huge audiences of followers and have the ability to turn unknown products into massive hits.

But how do you harness this power as a retailer? It isn’t easy, but Julie Solomon, the host of this podcast, can point you in the right direction. As well as providing chunks of advice, it takes you behind the scenes to hear from influencers and industry experts so you can learn about how they think, act, and conduct business.

Marketing School

If you’ve ever carried out keyword research (and there’s a good chance you have if you work in the e-commerce world!) then you’ve probably used Ubersuggest. It’s gone from strength to strength in recent years, mainly due to the guiding hand of Neil Patel, an SEO coach and marketing guru.

Along with fellow expert Eric SIu, Patel heads up this educational podcast which works through succinct chunks of content on specific topics released on a frequent basis. This approach is great for anyone pushed for time: download hundreds of episodes and pick through them at your leisure (there are currently 850 available, so you’re unlikely to run out soon).

Marketing Speak

SEO expert and in-demand speaker Stephan Spencer span industries with his pursuits, but Marketing Speak is a podcast with a specific purpose: to help marketers take their promotional activities to the next level. To achieve this, he brings in a different expert for each episode, interviewing them to extract key takeaways from their experiences and activities.

There are currently 162 episodes available, and it continues to follow a weekly release schedule. One very handy thing about this podcast is that every episode is provided with comprehensive show notes (great for checking specific parts), and many episodes even have checklists you can follow.

The Creative Hustler Podcast

Helmed by Steven Picanza, a creative expert with a fascinating professional history (having worked as a musician, actor, and entrepreneur), this podcast is all about the hustle: getting along and finding ways to make things work (something that’s vital for e-commerce sellers).

Most episodes feature interviews with marketing experts, but there are also live episodes featuring multiple guests discussing specific topics. Having many instalments recorded at industry events and conferences provides a lot of interesting contexts. And if you’re looking for a particular part, each episode is given a set of timestamps to clear things up.

To thrive in the long run as an e-commerce merchant, you need to keep building up your expertise and stay apprised of the latest upheavals in the marketing world. Add these podcasts to your daily routine and you’ll soon see the benefits.


About the author: Patrick Foster is a writer and e-commerce expert from E-commerce Tips — an industry-leading e-commerce blog that discusses all the big news in the world of online retail and advertising. Be sure to go check out the latest posts on Twitter @myecommercetips.