Amazon Advertising and SEO Training London and Manchester

Amazon is the fastest-growing sales channel for many retailers and brands. It has opened up the opportunity to millions of SMEs and now 53% of total Amazon sales come from 3rd party sellers. With such growth on Amazon, we have experienced a high demand for Amazon Selling training courses over the past few years. Out Amazon courses are practical and delivered in a small group.

This month, Online Seller UK delivered an Amazon Advertising and SEO training course in central London and there were agencies and brands in attendance in a group of 6. We have found smaller group work well for engagement and allows enough time for each attendee to ask questions regarding their own account. The course focused on 3 key pillars of being a successful Amazon Seller:

1/ Content Optimisation

2/ Product reviews best practices that help to increase conversion and ranking

3/ Advertising that helps to accelerate sales 

4/ Building brand via A+ and Amazon stores

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Some of our past training attendees

As sales grow, it is important to help build up your teams skills and allow some time to reflect on current strategies within the business. Our 4 hours of training covers proven methods of working successfully with Amazon.

Whether you are a brand, retailer or an agency you will get a lot out of the time spent with us and take away a to-do list to implement immediately.

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