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ACoS slashed by over half, while ad sales soared, tripling in growth

HOCUS PICUS, a Manchester-based Home and kitchen retailer, approached us intending to reduce their Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) while maintaining sales. They faced competition in the rapidly growing Home and kitchen category on Amazon. So, we stepped up with a comprehensive Amazon Advertising Strategy, and ACoS Decreased More than twice.


Campaign Audit and Optimisation: We thoroughly audited their existing advertising campaigns. By analysing the performance data, we identified areas of wastage and optimised the campaigns accordingly. This included pausing campaigns that were not converting and adding negative targeting for campaigns with higher ACoS.

Conversion Rate Analysis: We reviewed the conversion rates of different campaigns and focused on pushing the campaigns that showed better ACoS performance. By strategically allocating the advertising budget to the campaigns with higher conversion rates, we aimed to maximise sales while reducing ACoS.

Ads Plan Development: We developed a comprehensive ads plan for each product, considering factors such as target audience, keywords, and competition. The plan was implemented progressively to ensure the effective utilisation of advertising resources.

Campaign Diversification: We created multiple campaigns across various advertising formats, including product ads, brand ads, and display ads, including video ads. This diversified approach aimed to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility.

Content Optimisation: Besides focusing on advertising results, we also provided content optimisation tips to enhance the product listings—optimised content contributed to higher conversion rates and improved overall advertising performance.


  • We created 45 campaigns across different advertising formats to cover various products and audience segments.
  • ACoS Reduction: We reduced the ACoS from 38% to 16% over three months. This represents a decrease of more than twice the initial ACoS.
  • Ad Sales Increase: In the same three-month period, the client experienced a remarkable increase in ad sales. The ads’ sales figures grew nearly three times compared to the initial month, demonstrating the effectiveness of our campaign optimization and diversification strategies.

We partnered with Online Seller UK to tackle our Amazon advertising challenges, and the results were beyond impressive. With their help, our advertising costs dropped significantly, allowing us to save money while boosting our sales. Their thorough approach, smart budgeting, and diverse ad strategies made a noticeable impact. Our sales tripled within just three months. They didn’t just optimise our ads; they provided practical tips that improved our product listings too. They’re not just experts; they’re growth partners who deliver real, measurable results.  – Kemal, Hocus Picus


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