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Amazon Advertising Growth: 17% Growth in monthly sales in the last 6 months

Supplements and vitamins make a significant part of the health and personal category on Amazon. So, with tens of thousands of listings, this category is very competitive. Saying this, many brands are finding success in launching new products in this category. How do they find their success? It is down to time, investment in advertising plus promotions, and a long term vision. 

We have been working with a startup supplement company based in London, Iperk, since the beginning of 2021 to increase their Amazon sales via advertising. The results – 17% Monthly sales growth.

As an Amazon advertising agency, Online Seller UK works with both start-up and established brands. Get in touch to discuss how we can help. 



We developed and implemented an effective process-driven Amazon advertising plan. A process-driven advertising plan helps to achieve our objectives by procedurally creating ad activities. The processes help focus our teams’ efforts to deliver results monthly – raise product awareness, gain and increase market share. An advertising plan is simple and yet very powerful!

We built over 100+ campaigns based on our advertising plan, including automatic targeting followed by the manual campaign as seen below: 

  • Auto campaigns – explore and learn campaign
  • Keywords target – campaigns targeting converting user keywords and the keywords from research 
  • Category target – campaigns targeting products on the relevant categories
  • Product target – campaigns targeting competing/similar products 


  • Launched 100+ ad campaigns for 20+ products 
  • Amazon choice tag achieved
  • 10% Total ACoS in the last 6 months 
  • 25% of the Sales driven via Amazon advertising
  • 17% Monthly sales growth in the last 6 months

Since I started working with Prabhat my business has grown significantly. Prabhat is very knowledgeable and informative. If you are looking to grow your amazon business you are in the right place do not miss your chance.– Yousef Bakhtiari, Iperk


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